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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Mater Christi Church and the Mother of Mothers Shrine.

I am blessed to be the pastor / administrator of this wonderful community of faith. Our parish is made up of people who truly love their Church and who seek to follow and serve the Lord. Not only are we a parish community, we are the folks entrusted with the care of the beautiful Mother of Mothers Shrine.

We pray daily for the grace of motherhood for women and for safe delivery for those who are expecting. Beyond our prayer, we are people who care for and support each other, we love to have a good time, and we seek to help out those in need.            

I hope that as you explore our website, you will find this brief representation of our community welcoming and appealing. Know you are always welcome to join us.

Rev. Matthew Nemchausky - Pastor


Letter from Father Matt's Desk - Bulletin on June 18, 2017

I would like to thank all those who made the golf outing last Friday such a great experience. We had great weather, friendly company and delicious food. Thank you to all and I hope to see you next year. Today we celebrate Corpus Christi Sunday. It is a feast dedicated to the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. Br. Henderson in his article helps us recognize what we are able to celebrate in this great feast.

1. Corpus Christi is a celebration of the transforming power of Christ - The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord (Corpus Christi) is the day set aside each year to reflect in a special way on the gift of the Eucharist. But, to use this celebration only as a time to focus our own individual engagement and devotion with the Christ who is present - body, blood, soul, and divinity - in the Eucharistic elements is to limit the scope of this Solemnity and the dynamic of the Eucharist itself.

The mystery of Transubstantiation is, as Fr. James T. O’Connor notes, “not one wherein the Lord descends from heavenly glory to "enter" under the appearances of bread and wine. Rather it is one in which he, not coming down, lifts the creaturely realities to himself, drawing them up to where he is now with the Father… By drawing the reality of all the elements scattered throughout the world unto and into himself, Jesus maintains his own bodily unity. The elements are changed into him, not he into them

2. This solemnity celebrates our communion with one another - In the same way, in our sharing in the Eucharist, an act of communion, we are brought into the life of Christ and the Church and we are brought out of ourselves. We are raised up into the expansiveness of the Eucharist in a way that transcends any personal acts of devotion - we are given a share in the life of God, which is by nature expansive and always oriented to others. We are reminded of this when, in the account of Jesus feeding the multitude with only a few fish and loaves, he gives the command: “You feed them!”

3. This is a feast of thanksgiving - Our word “Eucharist” comes from the Greek word for “Thanksgiving.” And so, that’s what we do every time we come together for Mass - we offer a great prayer of thanks to God the Father for the gift of creation, for salvation, and for our place in the communion of saints. The traditions, Scripture readings, and prayers of Corpus Christi all invite us to show our gratitude for God’s gifts - especially the gift of Jesus who is truly present in the Eucharist - by joining together in communion with the Church.

4. The Corpus Christi procession is a reminder that we are to share the gift of the Eucharist with the world - The most beloved tradition associated with Corpus Christi is the Eucharistic procession. In the procession, we take the gift we have been given - the Eucharist and the new life we have been brought into by our act of communion - and we share that with others.

The procession isn’t intended to be a sort of holy “parade.” Instead it is a sign to the world of who we are and of what we believe, while we say to them, “This gift is so important, we want to share its blessings with you!” But this sharing isn’t limited to Corpus Christi. It also happens daily through the actions of the priest in the Mass and in our work to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of those who hunger for their “daily bread” - in what whatever way.

Fr. Matthew Nemchausky

Please feel free to contact the rectory for any question you may have at 708-442-5611 and 708-442-5612
“Let us not grow weary of doing good.” (Galatians 6:9)

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